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Jan 08, 2021

just a normal guy on his phone looking for truth. I post what i like or what i think others...


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    CENSORED - White Coat Summit 7-27-2020
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    The Abyss Opened - Revelation 9:1,2
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    Synthetic Meat
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    I Want GAB To Succeed However...
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    Bitcoin Mining Farm - Adding Additional Airflow in Hot Areas, Rebar Welding
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    Farm Fun in the Snow
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    We called the SCOTUS decision on the election and Biden wants to abolish ICE
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    Laura Vaccaro - Feel Lost [Audio]
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  • 08:26
    Laws of Science Confirm Climate Change as a HOAX!
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  • 15:08
    Overcome Slavery – Crucifixional Life Stream
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  • Should I share this on Facebook,lol.

    On a serious note its pretty damn irresponsible for the msm to not air this and even more contemptuous for our horrible congress to politicize this.

  • Another Nefarious Typically Insane False American A.N.T.I.F.A.

  • We will see the truth on Gab , And not be censored

  • Well, Americans are learning about Antifa. Europe has been dealing with them for generations. Next time expect this and be ready. Guard the windows. Someone film them while someone else peppers them and disarms them before they finish their job. The whole crowd cheers.

  • Why is it that this video is no where to be seen on major social media platforms? Don't they want the "truth"??? Antifa is not stupid. They new exactly how to make it seem as if true Patriots were responsible for the riots. The true Patriots were yelling at them to "Stop!". All you see in the media is the video of people breaking the glass. You never hear the chants of people yelling to for them to stop. This is so evil. The media is literally brainwashing masses to believe only one side. That is in itself is scary because it actually worked! The media has so much power. We need to do our own in depth research to find facts about what actually caused this. They are trying so hard to silence the truth. Why??? Why isn't this video being shown everywhere??? President Trump has been treated so poorly. He truly loves America and stood for the true Patriots.

  • Definitely antifa! Patriots should have kicked their ass.

  • Fucking hell

  • Damn those stupid asses! Patriots should have put them on a slow ride out of the crowd!

  • The Patriots are yelling "No No Don't!". Ha, ANTIFA caught in the act!

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