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Linsey Graham at DC airport
Jan 08, 2021

just a normal guy on his phone looking for truth. I post what i like or what i think others...



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  • Swampy Graham

  • I'm not American and don't live there. I would just think that the language is unnecessary. That's the language of the left, short pointed questions that go unanswered would be better. I share your frustration in that what happened was blatently wrong and I had hoped a second term would have spelled the end for the Covid craziness.

  • This will be their new reality everywhere they go.

  • Judas.

  • Sold out

  • Traitor

  • Gave away millions to foreign governments when US citizens are lined up at food banks and wonders why people are mad.

  • I know security was really ramped up but they way they were holding his shoulder looked like he was being arrested right there.Just saying I could be wrong.

  • I gave up the belief that voting worked in 2018. Voting is delegating power. Why do you want to give up your power to these people.

  • The cops have betrayed the right and no longer deserve our support. Graham is in for 6 more. All he wanted. Abandon the GOP. A new populist party starting with 75 million angry Americans.

  • I think many saw this coming.

  • love it

  • Lindsey the Rhino traitor

  • We all called him Lindsey gramnesty for a reason. Expell him, he is not a true South Carolinian in nature. Pure asshole.

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