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Salem Oregon
Dec 22, 2020


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Crowd enters capital building

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  • Sure looks like Antifa.. Trump supporters don't act like that...

  • Founding Fathers didn't parade around with flags and protest for long. They brought out the muskets really quickly. Worked out for them too.

  • Whatever the outcome in Jan. there will be riots nationwide which is why my buddies and I are outfitting our AR'S and handguns with these

  • Keep your powder dry for the time is nigh

  • cops enforcing illegal 'laws' and are on the wrong side of justice. it will not work out for them.

    do they no live in that community?

  • What was the occasion? I mean what's going on here? They wanted to see them do what? To stop the steal right?

  • Just the beginning I'm afraid.

  • The intent is good but the fact that they are doing this for Trump is useless. Trump doesn't give a damn. Notice how the red coats were real quick to defend the tyrannical politicians.

  • Just as the nazis, "I was just doing my job." The red coats are here, 1776!

  • Wew...I would get into some trouble if I was there...police are just hired security for the corrupt.

  • Well now we know who stands where. Dumbfucks should have just overwhelmed them. Too scared. I may have been the same but when I get pushed like that I see red.

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