“Blue Eyes Like Janey’s” - David Huff (To all the lost Innocents)
Oct 06, 2021

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“Blue Eyes Like Janey's by David Huff...a powerful song told from the male perspective in regard to the aftermath of the decision to have an abortion. This song is both touching, saddening, tragic and yet reminds us that all is not lost.” - Online RadioBox


Blue Eyes Like Janey's …but leaving the clinic we heard some talk, and it shattered our little world. The doctor was telling the nurses that the baby was a girl.

Would she have brown hair? Did she have blue eyes? I try to imagine what she would look like so many times. Would she be a tall girl? Oh, the questions haunt my mind. Did she have blue eyes like Janey's and brown hair like mine? …

…I still wake up late some nights and think I heard her call my name. And I still have her photograph in a empty picture frame…

(I do not own the copyright to this song. It belongs to David Huff. This is being used to bring awareness to the reality/horror of abortion and to give hope to those who are hurting from the deception of abortion.) There is Hope and Healing for all those that call on the Name of Jesus.❤️)

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  • I think grandparents also can relate to this song. How many grand parents have lost a grandchild to abortion.... and suffer the pain of that loss.

  • Let not forget the missing children abused and murdered by powerful pedophiles.

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