Jan 31, 2021

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"The Lumber Song" eli eli on Forefront Records (C)1998 Andy Coleman (C) 1998 eli and Forefront Records

Intro starts with acoustic guitar playing: C--C--C--C (hammering on to b# with index finger of the C chord)

The intro goes like this: C--G--A--F C--G--A C--G--A--F C--G--A--F

Said a friend to a friend one day, A F Was a man who passed away C G A St. Peter met him at the gate C G Pete said: "Walk with me if you will A F
I'll take you to the house you built" C G F Man said: "I can't wait!" C G
Passed a mansion made of stone A F But with each new house he's shown C G A They get smaller by degrees C G
Stopped in front of a two room shack A F Pete said hope you're happy with that C G C Man said: "How can this be?"

Pete said:

Chorus: F G Am Em That's all the lumber--that's all the lumber F G C that's all the lumber you sent F G Am Em Looks like the builder--man he's got your number F G C That's all the lumber you sent


C G Man didn't know what to say Am Em poor guy was blown away C G Am Said: "you mean this is what I deserve?" C G Pete said: "I'm afraid it's so Am F It's too late but now you know C G F Shoulda done better work" C G
Said: You mean not lie and cheat Am F and helpin' old ladies across the street? C G Am Pete says: Well, that's a start C G
Remember that man back in that great big house? Am F He found out early what it's all about C G C Built that place with his heart--as for you (chorus)

Bridge: Bb Am What if that man was me Bb Am And I failed that miserably F C G You're showin' me things I don't wanna see (intro)

C G St. Peter if you can Am F Send me back to earth again C G Am Is that somethin' you can do? C G Pete said: It ain't up to me Am F If it was I'd like to see C G F How you plan to improve C G Said: I'd love God and fellow man Am F Take a wife and make a stand C G Am Be the givinest guy I can be C G
And when I get back to this neighborhood Am (stop and when you get to the word "wood": High C slide down to low C) There'd be a big gigantic pile of wood C G C And I'd say: What's this I see?--You'd tell me (chorus2x--end on: C--G--A--Bb) I💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿

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