Walk In The Dark - Wayne Watson
Feb 24, 2021

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Walk In The Dark by Wayne Watson.

To my family...Remember Mom listening to this when We were a lot younger..... didn’t realize the profound effect it had on me... till now. Just look back over our lives.... Wow!

The Words...

Where are you taking me-why are we turning here this road is strange to me-this path is not so clear must be the place where my doubt turns to faith where I close my eyes and take your hand

CHORUS: I'd rather walk in the dark with Jesus Than walk in the light on my own I'd rather go through the valley of the shadow with him Than to dance on the mountains alone I'd rather follow wherever he leads me Than to go where none before me have gone I'd rather walk in the dark with Jesus Than to walk in the light of my own

I've made some plans you know-mapped out a strategy Somebody tell me where did the seasons go-have you forgotten me I've heard the darkest hour is just before dawn And wherever you are the sun will shine


There will be shadows-but I won't be shaken 'Cause you've never forsaken a vow You've never failed me before this I know And, Jesus, you won't fail me now



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  • Hello Jono✝️, I’m a new subscriber and a fellow lover of our Lord. I’m getting a feeling I should tell you about a few “things” I enjoy in my walk with him. I’m loving the new / radio. I also go to sleep with the help of the Abide app. You can test it out on YT. My newest love is The Chosen serial depiction of Jesus’s story. It’s a free app to stream from phone to TV or season 1 is on YT. I look forward to what you post next. Hallelujah 🔥❤️🙏✝️

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