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The Time FIVE Cars Pulled Out Right In Front of Me Within Days
Dec 23, 2020

Bringing you roadway insanity from the MD/VA/DC area since 2015, consistently rated as literally...


That time FIVE cars pulled out right in front of me within days, including two literally within 30 seconds of each other, late-April early-May 2018. Ya know, I admit that part of this is/was my smaller car at the time, and people's eyes just being trained to spot distances of bigger SUVs and minivans and completely misjudging distances, so there's that. But this also happened a ton in our SUV too, so the net conclusion is that people are just brain dead friggin idiots!

My favorite here was the Lexus SUV. They didn't really "stop", they stopped on the wrong side of the damned road in the oncoming lane, then they "looked without seeing" and pulled out right in front of me (my lights were on) and also pulled out into the oncoming lane!!! I've been coming the other direction when people have done this, and have had to full stop for that too! What on earth are these people thinking? They act like they're the only ones that could possibly be on the road in a very jam-packed high density area!

In the last one, was this yet another case of "looking but not seeing" and they were just going to pull out in front of me? Or did they see me and weren't going to pull out, but were just slow rolling (poor form) and too lazy or inattentive to actually stop? When you've had a gazillion people pull out right in front of you, how do you tell the difference? It looked to me like they were starting to accelerate! Then I get these idiots waving at me when I slam on my brakes. Maybe you should just fucking STOP?

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  • I like the video but stop hating on the Lexus driver or the Toyota driver it's the people I drive Alexis and I had my badges removed because when I drive like an asshole I didn't want it to be a bad reflection on the car brand LOL Typically I don't intend to drive like an asshole but sometimes I make mistakes. in the old days if a Cadillac driver made a mistake they would say there's another asshole in a Cadillac and that to me doesn't make any sense Cadillac has nothing to do with the person being an asshole

  • Lol, UK equivalent: that road full of cars, not mentioning cars parked on kerbs - that pullout car would be comfortable at half distance, and no one here would even blink. BasedDAsh, you and your huge, huge roads with virtually no cars are spoiled rotten!

  • They are every where! Loved the brown Toyota that pulled in front of you with the driver looking like they were waving as to say no worries mate I could tell you planned on letting me go long before you literally has to have your head on swivel because the ability to drive, like the ability of so many things we used to take for granted, are no longer taken for granted because many just go through the motions with zero thought put into the process! Get a truck and they won’t think about pulling out in front of you! Notice how every possible accident would have been a rear end collision had this gentlemen, who would have been considered at fault, not slowed down? People are so clueless even when it depends on their own survival! I guess that is why they call them them the mean streets!

  • I have occasionally had the same problem. Like in my case, it may be your fault. Before you pull out of the drive each morning, remember to turn off stealth mode. You're welcome.

  • They do that because you cuss. Have you ever thought you have more bad luck than the average person? There is a reason.

  • This used to happen in one trip in Nashville where I'm from. Now it's everywhere U.S.A.

  • The first two were really nothing and I nearly clicked out of your video until the next one and the ones after it. Those were legit insane. And always for some reason when the roads are more dangerous, people pull out right in front of you. The rudest was the Lexus that cut you off only then to stop and turn just half a block later - and made no effort to speed up. Why couldn't they wait?

  • it's as if they're so heated about Trump and the Maganation fighting the stolen election that they can't drive properly.

  • 😂🤣 ain't that always the way! Seems like you come across even worst driving when you actually have to be somewhere...

  • Betcha they wouldn't do that if you were driving a Peterbilt..........

  • You need a bigger bumper. Maybe one with 6 inch spike protruding from it.

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