KCN e07
Aug 26, 2021

A newscast specifically for the Kingdom that will have no end - the Kingdom even now in our...


Time Code: A Block (Hard news): 0min 0sec Interview with Jeff Henderson: 2 min 6 sec Abby Johnson Quitters Ball spot:12 min 49 sec B Block (Interview with Nick Vujicic): 14 min 0 sec Black Lives Matter & Antifa attack Christians in Portland: 25 min 52 sec Mother has enough: 26 min 17 sec

Kingdom's Cornerstone News: the first newscast specifically for Citizens of the Kingdom that will have no end. Today we discuss… We also interview Jeff Henderson of Frontier Alliance International on Afghanistan. For the B Block, we interview Nick Vujicic on ProLife Bank. Finally we end with a horrific domestic terrorist attack against Christians in Portland Oregon that was caught on video… and one mothers reaction.

Links: Public Interest Legal Foundation’ Report 15 Million Votes Unaccounted For

Amir Tsarfarti’s Behold Israel Telegram Channel (video of Kabul airport)

Jeff Henderson, Frontier Alliance International

To support the underground Church in Afghanistan or Iran: Or...

Nick Vujicic’s Website

Nick Vujicic’s Bio

Info on Pro-Life Bank

BLM and Antifa attack Christians in Portland (Video is a response in the thread)

Black mother calls out media, BLM and Antifa

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