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KCNe15 Living In Dark Times
Nov 02, 2021

Kingdom's Cornerstone News

A newscast specifically for the Kingdom that will have no end - the Kingdom even now in our...



Kingdom's Cornerstone News: the first newscast specifically for Citizens of the Kingdom that will have no end. In this episode we look at global current events, including a recent attack by the Burmese military on a predominantly Christian state. We also look at January 6th protesters who are still in jail and being horrifically abused by prison guards. We also look at the Supreme Court who has agreed to hear arguments about the Texas abortion law restricting abortions after six weeks.

We speak with staff Brendan Westerfield and a student leader Lindsey Grass of Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Kentucky about the importance of campus ministries on college campuses.

Finally we wrap up with a reader on Christians and cryptocurrencies… should Christians stay away or embrace this new type of money?

Time Code: 0 min 0 sec: A Block: Hard News 7 min 20 sec: B Block: Christian Student Fellowship: Spiritual challenges for students on college campuses. 16min 51 sec C Block: Christians and Cryptocurrency

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