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Tucker Carlson and Darren Beattie Discuss the Feds Involvement in the January 6th "Insurrection"
Jun 16, 2021

Kitty Shackleford

Armor of God



Darren Beattie of Revolver News breaks down the involvement of FBI operatives who organized and participated in the January 6th Capitol riot.

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  • What a load of utter garbage, these people are so stupid and ignorant fool, all diaperdon supporters hahahahaha


  • Civil War is coming.

  • You see they all know their heads are going to be on the Chopping Block and the closer to Elections they will all say we been trying to stop it when they were there from the start and it will change nothing but more oppression and Genocide and we can no longer play the 2 Corp. Stooge Game ever Again and we can't trust any other party because they are inside too but a new American Patriot Party For The People and By the People Must be installed and run without and Corp. Ties or their creations and all candidates must have no ties to the corp. powers or family members and that still leaves millions of Patriots

  • I am calling for Patriot Parties Across the World like American Patriot Party and British Patriot Party to Israeli Patriot Parties where the People stand and tell them all to pack up and be ready to leave because they are all replaced in their very next Election No Mre Re-Elected and No More Life-Long Politician and we will not be deceived by Media Frauds or Pleads they can do better but they all must go no matter what party they say they are but a new Patriot party by the people and financed and run by the people in every Country

  • Here are a couple more things that the FBI was most likely involved in: Last year's bombing in Nashville. The October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

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