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Charles Lieber Admits Guilt
Dec 22, 2021


As Ghislaine Maxwell's show trial comes to a close, there’s been barely any coverage of the Charles Lieber trial that began with jury selection last Tuesday, Dec. 14. Making it now Day 6.

Here I give my read on Charles as he admits he lied and that the relationship with China and Wuhan University had to CEASE & DESIST. To me unlike the fake actors, i think Charles was scared to get caught and could have even developed cancer due to the guilt he was living with. He likely felt relieved.

Watch for yourself

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  • I would have liked less comments from you and just play the video of Lieber’s interrogation.

  • BIG DEAL. I hear "I'm sorry" ALL THE TIME. Doesn't mean a damn thing to me. Proof is in the pudding.

  • This photo can not be from a Jail facility, he's wearing a Hoodie with a draw cord and hiker boots with strings in them.

  • The commentator is annoyingly barely discernible. Learn how to adjust audio levels of a featured video vs. your commentary!

  • So Lieber was on the "I don't give a damn drugs" too?!!! That is what patients call antidepressants. They have made them required to be treated for cancer. When the whole truth comes out the world will see these drugs have caused more crime of all kinds than anyone could have imagined! They produce mania & out of character so quickly. Congrats CIA! You found the perfect mind control drug you were looking for after Congress pulled your highly favored drug of choice, LSD!

  • It's really sad, he was just going along with the Program... The Masonic Program!!!

  • Soros also has a lab close to the Wuhun lab.. This guy wrote a paper on vaccine GENISIDE!.He knew exactly what he was doing. I believe he worked with China creating the virus for G and F. Probably made lots of money . besides grant money from Fauchi

  • He worked for Fauci and Gates .He wrote a report on Geniside by vaccination.I read it can't copy.

  • Excellent information. Where can I see the full interrogation video?

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