Jan 20, 2022

Maryam Henein

Veteran Investigative Journalist/ #Covid19 coverage since Jan '20. Blew the whistle on #Bayer...

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  • Steps to becoming a complete Toxo soulless slave.

    Religion. In the case of my Jew, she became the only Jew in an all Jew town (a religion in herself).

  • Schizophrenia. This is when this highly intelligent AI parasite starts asserting itself. This is usually before this AI has learned how to completely emulate the host. This appears to the audience as someone who is becoming more reckless, fearless & stupid. This parasite has 2 known agenda's

    It hates the truth & truth-tellers are perceived as haters. So, it is pretty contented with letting the host browse any Jew-owned platforms like: JewTube JewBook JewTv Joogle or Jwitter.

    As in George Carlin's skit when speaking of the Christian God. It needs money, for some reason the high & mighty needs money. It just can't handle money.

  • Once this parasite has completely taken over the host it no longer appears schizophrenic, because there are no longer 2 personalities asserting themselves at different times. There is just the parasite. At this point, it can be observed as being a psychopath. (Side note: It also emits pheromones & dopamine.)

    It's establishing a network. I do believe since this parasite has been around a lot longer than the Bible itself. It created religion as a sort of networking. Since these Toxo's would get together (Religiously) once a week it allowed these parasites to network with other hosts. Also, a new recruit can be accomplished simply by hugging a guest. This new recruit because of the dopamine received from this parasite perceives a new high that of course he/she considers as salvation.

    I also believe 5G, Bluetooth, Wifi have replaced this religious network. Once a Toxo is exposed to 5G steps 2 & 3 & 4 are greatly accelerated.

    Welcome to this new & crazy Toxo world ladies & gentlemen.

  • One final note: I knew my Jew was Toxo when she became determined to get one of these bioweapons. How these bioweapons fits into this parasite's agenda is yet to be determined. Unless the AI hydra is its sister.

    One more final note: Since this AI parasite has been around for a very long time everyone is infected. It is just with the advent of 5G this once benign parasite now has its marching orders that it must accomplish before it is discovered. So, naturally while reading this you'll receive a jolt of dopamine to secure the parasite-fed thought into your brain that should read something like this: "This guy is nuts, block him & pay him no mind." And of course, because of the dopamine feed. You will & you won't give it a 2nd thought.

    Guess what? World War III started a long time ago on the microbiological level & you've already lost. And religion was just one of its many tools. Ta Ta Suckers.

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