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Shocking Footage Of Vaxxed Hamburger-Meat-Looking Blood + What's REALLY Happening Inside Vaxxed Bodies
Oct 30, 2021

Maryam Henein

Veteran Investigative Journalist/ #Covid19 coverage since Jan '20. Blew the whistle on #Bayer...



Several weeks ago at Dave Asprey's Bulletproof conference in Orlando, an engineer, inventor, and functional medicine professional took me aside to share this information with me. It refers to Dr. Carrie Madej's findings, and Stew Peters excellent reports with other various kick-ass female Dr's like Jane Ruby, Karen Kingston findings, along with others, and is full of images of beat up vaccinated blood, tubular artifacts, possible G.O., and screenshots of studies to explain the underlying mechanism of the synthetic virus aka the jab. It's very comprehensive.

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  • Dead cells in your blood is - unfortunately all too common from such a wide range of causes, that it is not the best clue to work with. Core idea is, you have various kinds of cells, and some are more vulnerable than others. Chemo or radiation or lack of oxygen, poisons, venom, snake or spider bites... Yes, a % of the cells if your body are now dead, you may be pissing brown - pissing blood over it. As said,I can think of dozen possible causes at least... neutron radiation exposure. Also all the same thing, that the RNA treatment killed some of your tissue.

  • ON THE MONEY God bless truth sets us free of the mark

  • mark of the beast -they took out the word in the hand to on it > why God bless its pure evil

  • there is no such thing as SYNTHETIC VIRUSES... we dont have the tech to create viruses... this is fake news propaganda... cover story for their genocide... meant to muddy the water... a strawman...

  • Why is his face blurred out? It is high time that the TRUTH be disseminated far and wide, and without gimmicks like "anonymous sources" or "blurred faces"! We need to know the TRUTH and the names of the people who are perpetrating all this EVIL. So far it's been almost two years and all anyone is doing is YAMMERING, YAMMERING; let's see some ACTION and expose what this so-called Pandemic really is! And it is also high time that FAUCI is arrested and made to suffer the consequences of his CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

  • I work with about 15 to 20 People and out of everyone only 2 my self and 1 other Person is UNVACCINATED. So from what I was told everyone else is Fully Vaccinated at my job. I stay away from everyone and keep 6 feet distance because I am afraid of SHEDDING. I understand they thought they were doing the right thing but out of FEAR. I have been told over and over again they did it out of Fear to catch the Covid-19 Virus. Little by little I have been showing and giving my co-workers the Websites to hear, see and get the TRUTH. I do not wish for death or for anyone I know to die. I just pray that me being in close distance to those who took the jab doesn't affect or hurt me because I am the only bread winner in my home and I have 3 kids at home with a wonderful stay at home wife. I couldn't live with my self if I get affected and bring something home and something happens to one of my kids or wife. This really upsets me because I know no one in their right mind would of taken these death shots. Now it's to late for them but I will never get the jab and lord knows No One Better EVER inject any of my kids! I do not want to be labeled as a terrorist or anything of the sort. I worry every single day about all this.

  • If the non-vax get the spike will they become a carrier passing it on? Will it begin to incubate and grow inside the non-vax?

  • Once we have been infected with the spike will be propagate it's growth becoming a carrier if we never took the jab?

  • I think we are getting some from the chemtrails.

  • They have known about all this for a long time. Checkout the Supreme Court Order signed back in 2013. MYRIAD GENETICS claims ownership of non-human mRNA individuals. Court agrees? I am reading this right.

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