Wake Up Sheeple. Time is Running Out Big Time
Oct 12, 2021

Veteran Investigative Journalist/ #Covid19 coverage since Jan '20. Blew the whistle on #Bayer...


Found this on Tic Toc. Think it's baloney? This Agenda is set in motion. And they are hell-bent on its success. .

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  • People are still not recognizing the importance and fact of the matter that so many people are using anti-depressants.

    I realized a number of years ago that those who use them are being mentally sterilized. Thats why so many are compliant with this communist takeover.

    People need to be called out on this. Antidepressants/anxiety drugs lobotomize people.

    My entire family is consumed and immovable. Docile, complacent, apathetic... It seems to relieve them of their natural 'affinity' to anything. The ability to have or hold or gravitate to anything beyond a basic functioning schedule. Makes them incapable of holding an opinion or concern. Hence, relieves them of anything that would otherwise upset them. Relieves them of their anxiety and they believe the lie. Outwardly they appear functioning and normal. And when you attempt to talk about pressing issues they seem engaged. They tell me they'll give these things some thought.

    When i approach them again and ask if they'd given these things some thought, they reply, "What things?". And they remain the exact same brain dead fool they were. Real pleasant tho ;)

    Bill Gates talked about removing or altering something in the brain (pineal gland) that gives people the ability to hold conviction - essentially nullifying human ability to have 'faith'. Some say the jab is bringing this about. But i say no. Anti depressants/anxiety pills have already done that to well over half the population. And that is why the masses are rolling over for this.

  • have been replaying several times just to catch the very beginning statement whoch answers some big questions. the Rabbi appears to be EXPOSING a UN DOCUMENT that OUTLINES THE SPECIFIC ACTION PLANS AND TIMELINES OF A NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER OF THE WORLD. WOW.

  • CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS RABBI's IDENTITY? TIME OF SPEECH? was this a warning and a threat? If anyone can confirm this its a bombshell WHY WOULD THIS RABBI KNOW ALL THIS? WHEN DID HE DELIVER THIS? WHO IS HE?

  • If that doesn't get everyones halloween spook on I don't know what will. When was that speech?

  • Our Energy Provider (which is quasi-government) has already started signing people up for FREE wireless controlled thermostats. In my region, anything "free" is like 🤑 to these people.

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