Nov 25, 2021

Maryam Henein

Veteran Investigative Journalist/ #Covid19 coverage since Jan '20. Blew the whistle on #Bayer...



The MSM makes up shit and works as a propaganda arm to the government. The Grenons are a church and sell MMS or chlorine dioxide. Many have successfully treated their conditions with this product. Yet the MSM demonifies them for making a living. Meanwhile, BIG HARMA is killing people with their experimental gene therapy while making billions. They accuse others of what they do themselves. EVIL

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  • When you are in federal custody fighting your case...waiting for this motion or that motion, this discovery or that is NOT unusual to be held for 17 months, 27 months, or several years "fighting your case". Believe me, the Feds are in no hurry to bring you to trial! I'm sure they have been offered some sort of plea deal and just haven't wanted to take it. I will say this here and now...they will all end up taking a plea deal...they will not risk a jury trial and the perspective of many, many years in federal prison.

  • These Grenon men would have been hit with the EXACT same charges had they been selling IVERMECTIN or HCQ.

  • I cant stand the lying media, you will have plenty of time to ponder your lies in the lake of fire!

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