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We Are Now Hackable Animals
Feb 18, 2022


We are now hackable animals

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  • The novel Rainbow's End by Vernor Vinge has lots of interesting projections. Clever man.

    Among his more memorable ones. The SHE (Secure Hardware Environment) and part of every computing device that it reserve for government code. You can't see what's in it... but it has access to the entire machine (partly for tax collection purpose, but also monitoring) - see also the TPM, Intel and AMDs latest chips and the Windows 11 requirements. This has been in place for a while... but is now being insisted upon by Big Tech.

    But the most relevant for this... the You Gotta Believe Me virus. A virus crafted to make a human believe whatever you want. The future of Rainbow's End is a world where nanotech battles are fought to prevent one state from taking over the other's citizens.

    Vinge is a clever man

  • These people are monsters.

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