A Flat Earth Dinner Discussion with Eric Dubay
Oct 02, 2021

High morality self sufficient comunities is the way forward. Positivity and creativity is the...


The Oddest Vegan Couple sits down for a friendly dinner with flat Earth researcher and author Eric Dubay.

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  • Hello.... great work you've done. Amyn

    keep on keeping on, Erick

    H.AntonioNetzer Author-Writer, Western Novels, Texian Shitkicker

  • Look into the Antarctic Treaty. Have a look at this if you have 30 mins . Just a little something to question the narrative you have been taught all your life.

  • I din't understand...

    On a flat plane one can go forever in one direction. On a sphere, one ends up at the starting point going in one direction.


  • When I was on an Ice breaker in 1962 in McMurdo sound, the ship's compass was spinning no stop until we started leaving the area to go to Austrailia.

  • How can you observe a spherical star map on a flat Earth. It's easy to stretch out the ocean and ice but Australia becomes larger than the United States after getting stretched out on a Flat Earth map. Hey Eric, how do you calculate the time and location of Solar and Lunar eclipses with a Flat Earth. Show us the MATH!

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