Are you Prepared to live without the Internet?
Nov 16, 2021

High morality self sufficient comunities is the way forward. Positivity and creativity is the...


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  • I ditched Fakebook, Twatter, Poogle, Poo Tube and Scamazon all a while back. I'm on Linux and Ubuntu Touch Phone and only consult [Real] alt tech like Gab. Too bad if anyone is a big tech die-hard they should have my email address.

  • I did the first 1/2 of My life. Why not.

  • Did TPH come on GAB? Good idea!

  • In some ways, I wish I had never gotten on the internet to begin with. In other ways, I am glad I did. I have learned a lot, but I also feel like I've entertained too many mindless things. I'm trying to get my focus back on preparedness. I am better off than a lot of folks in that aspect, but I'm still very lacking in skills and readiness.

  • We may not have a choice of whether we'd like to live without Internet.... After the stunt Russia just pulled....

    Russia did something really, really bad. They blew up one of their old satellites and the resulting debris is endangering all of the satellites in orbit, including the International Space Station...

  • turning off internet and phone 12/1/21

  • I was born in the mid 1950's, no internet, no computers, no cell phones, black and white TV and I don't even watch TV anymore. We paid cash that we had in our pocket and we did just fine. So of these young people will lose their minds. I went back to paying cash for anything I can touch, and ditched the credit cards 6 years ago.

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