Awesome Transphobic Star Wars Store Aberdeen Business Owner part 2
Aug 05, 2021

High morality self sufficient comunities is the way forward. Positivity and creativity is the...


The Star Wars store owner following the crazy trans person out of the store cause no one would stand up to it.

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  • You can tell who's who now by masks versus the sane not wearing bacteria poo face diapers.

  • Remember that these people have the confidence to push this shit in people's faces only because they are backed by lots of Jewish money and institutional power.

  • Trans women are not women.
    You may deny gravity all you want, it will hurl you down a cliff all the same. Reality exists independently of your wants, desires, and foot-stomping tantrums. If you hold an XY genotype - you are male. If you have a penis - you are a male. If you have an XXY, XO, or XYY genotype - you have a genetic disorder, not a different gender. That's why they teach it as such in medical school (or at least DID when science meant something).

    Kudos to the Old Dog for having enough bite in him to do something about being fed up. Would that we all would shame them so, the world would be in a better place, and fewer of these poor souls would be pushed down a path that has roughly half of them committing suicide when they look in the mirror and reality hits them with the mutilation they have inflicted upon themselves.

  • The solution to trannies = a metal baseball bat

  • When the woman (at around 2:24) asked the store owner why he had a problem with that, he should have answered because it is agaisnt God's will. That is sufficient reason to oppose this evil madness.

  • the retards in government want us to all pretend that mentally ill people are sane.

  • Mentally ill man starts a scene because he is trying to be relevant politically. This dumbass is going to ride his mental illness for all it's worth, it's paying and given him a position in the state Senate. And why because people like the dumbass Karen, "I'm on her side", dear God WTF is wrong with people. Look this thing (Politician) is fucked in the head, then we have Trans people that are not this fucked up.
    I don't give a shit who you are fucking, definitely don't give a shit about your vagina or dick just don't announce it to me and don't force your sex life and life choices down my throat or my kids throats. Trans people are not MORE special than anyone else.

  • store owner: "Remember, if you've got a dick, you're not a chick." fucked in the head mentally ill man: "You are fucked up in the head!" LOL 20 years ago I couldn't have conceived of hearing such a conversation.

  • Hahahahah I love it.

  • They made roofs for a reason

  • Those people need mental help. I don't hate them. I hate the people who are using them to try and change our culture. They are victims too; they just don't know it.

  • Sick person. He needs to be in a medical facility. And that woman - pure stupidity. She just repeats the mantra from TV.

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