Best Space Fails in One Video!
Nov 25, 2021

High morality self sufficient comunities is the way forward. Positivity and creativity is the...


There's a lot more proof of deception out there, but I wanted to compile the most obvious ones and keep them in one place. I'm discovering that a lot of the original links to such footage are no longer working as they are being deleted. The footage is from space channels, so they aren't just targeting truther channels with the deletion of entire channels. I will post the most up to date links, but some of the originals are gone.

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Links to original videos used in presentation: Actornots glitch and swirl during live feed Satellite with string attached at 2:20 in video First Time seeing Stars from Space Video of Apollo Astronauts making fake pictures of earth that would eventually end up in the background of the moon images. Actornot on Wires @16:04 and invisible VR object glitch @18:17 Actornot Pulls on Wire Harness at 14:05 Vanishing Solar Panels on Satellite @00:59 Pettit Coffe vr glitch fail Mic in through the face trick by Hadfield Tons of bubbles starting before 27:20

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  • so you know lesane i really have no problem with you and owen... i watch some of your stuff... some of it sucks... but that is true with my vids too i figure... You dont have to get so but hurt... unless i NAILED IT... in which case, i hope you internalize that and think about it and who you want to be... unless you are good with your path... just stop with the half truths and purposeful deception owen... thats all i hope to accomplish with it.. if im wrong, than i will apologize... i am a big man.. Half the time you seem genuine the rest you seem like a scripted shill meant to discredit and misdirect people... perhaps you are a mason like i suspect based on things you have said and do...

  • Do you think all of NASA employees know this is all fake?

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