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Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction?
Feb 14, 2022


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In 2014 when I published my popular article and video "Dinosaurs Never Existed," it was very difficult to find any good information on the subject, but two sources I found and referenced were David Wozney's article "Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction?" and Robbin Koeffed's article "The Dinosaurs Never Existed." Now in 2022 it is no easier to find good information on this subject and even those two sources have been all but scrubbed from the internet. Robbin Koeffed's article and his entire GVENews website have since been deleted and mysteriously neither the article or his site are even recognized by the Wayback Machine. If anyone is able to find that piece in its entirety please send it to me. David Wozney's original article and website have also mysteriously been deleted but I was able to find a saved copy and am making this video to preserve it for posterity. If anyone watching this has not already seen my documentary "Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked," please stop this video and watch that one first here:

Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked:

Note: The author of this piece was a literalist Christian and young-Earth creationist. I do not personally hold these beliefs but wanted to present the article in its entirety regardless.

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