Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked
Oct 12, 2021

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Do you believe that your father was an ape, your grand-father was a reptile, and your great grand-father was an explosion? For those who don't believe such pseudo-scientific non-sense (and for those who do), the following presentation lays out the undeniable proof that you are NOT some slowly evolved ape-man and that prehistoric giant reptiles are nothing but a Freemasonic hoax used to bolster this destructive disempowering atheistic nihilistic paradigm they are propagating to the masses.

Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked along with my other documentaries, The Earth Plane, The History of Flat Earth, and 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball are now available to purchase from Amazon on DVD or you can watch them all free on my YouTube channel.

Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked: The Earth Plane: The History of Flat Earth: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball:

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  • Those of us who KNOW that the earth is flat have already seen enough irrefutable proof that the earth is not a sphere.

  • Evolution are God's children also.

  • Evolution has never been Proven but God talks about dinosaurs in the bible. Just think, man lived to be over 900 years old prior to the flood and that would mean animals did also. Reptiles grow nonstop until they die, imagine how large those reptiles would get if they lived 900 years.

  • Yo, evolution is false, but dinosaurs really existed, as proven by ancient dinosaur sculpture on Khmer temple and also the Bible when it speaks of behemoth who's tail is like a tree (Job 40:12). And Freemasons are not nihilistic atheists, they literally worship Lucifer! That's why their dating system is A.L. and is roughly of 6000 years, when Lucifer fell. If you looked into one of their most (if not their most) prominent of members Albert Pike, and his book which is one of their most (if not their most) of recommended books Morals and Dogma, he said in it, "LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! ... Is it he who bears the Light...? Doubt it not!"

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