Heliocentrism Has a Problem with Orion's belt ? Says a Flat Earther
Nov 24, 2021

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Seeing Orion's belt for nine months of the year cannot work with the spinning ball model of heliocentrism but easily explained with the flat earth model

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  • flat proven easy with math distance same if flat not if round top to bottom

  • Easy to prove flat earth take GPS FROM TWO BUILDINGS Tall as possible take number from top to top and from bottom to bottom clear to see its the same so= flat earth

  • His explanation would work IF Orions Belt were in the plane of Earths orbit, but it's not. Orions's Belt is out of the plane of Earth's orbit and not obscured by the Sun. Orion's Belt does change it's relative position in the skye and in my area ends up below the horizon during the Winter and is visible during the Summer. This is due to Earth's tilted axis as it orbits the Sun and not due to the Sun obscuring Orion's Belt. The Earth is not flat, but it's fun to argue like I'm a Flat Earther with family at Thanksgiving!

  • Operation Truth has a presence here on Gab? Subtle as a sledge, spooks.

  • what is at the end of the earth? Can we go there and look out?

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