ISS Space Station How NASA NOW fakes weightlessness 100 explained in detail Flat Earth
Nov 18, 2021

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Original Video:

explain how NASA Fakes Weightlessness in full detail and the company they use.

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Solicitation Number: NNJ13461147L

Johnson Space Center

Hololense Microsoft

Unreal 4 Engine

Leap Motion

Bible Earth, Wind, Map, corners explained.

I did not edit the spelling mistakes and may replace thumb if it does not appear right.

Original nasa video with guy flying by on wires.

Lot's more cap glitches on this.

Jeff Williams lose the head - NASA Circus 42 second long video showing how the actors are not even at the same location to film live the ISS feeds.

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  • Where are the original the one of the girl with the necklace clipping problem. Want to see the original footage.

  • 0____0 We need to collect all the videos of "space" since the 1950s.

  • Cheers Mike!

  • ISS gives you inflatable speedos

  • Good job Mike!

  • So obvious!

  • hahahaha great intro

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