Line of Sight Proves Flat Earth
Nov 22, 2021

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Joe Mama Comment: Here's a real world flat earth proof. Exalt Wireless has a product called ExploreAir which is a LINE-OF -SIGHT microwave transmission platform.

This is a recent press release about a recent installation over water from Beirut to Cyprus. You can skip to the last paragraph and not bother reading it if you like. I had to put it here or the globetards would demand to see it. This product is a line-of-sight microwave link which is basically a straight line over water (The Mediterranean Sea) to a receiver on the other end, 150 miles away. There should be three miles of curvature but this LINE-OF-SIGHT connection is mounted at less than fifty feet on both ends. I spoke to them today to confirm this and didn't bring up the reason why. I told them I was just impressed with their accomplishment and wanted to learn about the equipment and the installation. It is as advertised, a straight line over 235km of water, point to point, no repeaters. Again, skip to the last paragraph unless you're technical and interested.

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  • Do they have line of sight tho? If humans with binoculars at both sites can see each other, then that would prove so Otherwise it proves that water doesn't obstruct these microwaves.

    Why not use vision for line of sight and radar for things that vision doesn't penetrate. This mostly just proves that Bigfoot is flatfooted and couldn't serve in armed forces.

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