Lunar Wave Displaces the Entire Moon - Twice
Nov 17, 2021

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This clip shows that the best capture of the lunar wave demonstrates the moon is being measurably displaced. Each of the two wave gives the moon the appearance of an object viewed through water. The moon is not what you think it is.

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  • Could it be that the wave is not actually on the moon, itself, but rather the image of the moon on the monitor? These waves remind me of corrections made from bad reception on old TV shows, where sometime a save travels up the screen, which displaces the rest of the screen each time it happens.

  • You've peaked my curiosity. You said "It's almost as if we are looking at the moon through water." Keep in mind, scientifically speaking we ARE looking at the moon through a liquid. Our atmosphere is considered the same as a liquid as it ebbs, flows and currently just like water. And when look out into space from Earth, we are looking through miles of these transparent gases. The wave effect needs to be rules out as a ripple in our atmosphere before it can be attributed to the Moon.

  • So, what is the moon then?

  • What camera did you use to record this? Could it simply be a refresh of the camera sensor? Did anyone else capture these 'waves' on camera?
    Also because your lens is focused on the distant moon the black dot that flies across could be an out of focus moth or a bird back here on earth. Watched it twice. Interesting footage none the less...

  • If you want the truth to what the moon really is then I suggest you go to Vibes of the cosmos channel on youtube. Any sun and moon videos will explain with illustrations and diagrams to put it in perspective.

  • The waters above. Amazing really. Ive been aware of this for so long now yet so few still see the truth.

  • this is just a wave running across the firmament there is no "outerspace" just water

  • Really? I bet the moon is exactly what I think it is. I also know exactly what you are!

  • a glitch in the digital simulation AKA the moon ?

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