Tartarian Cities: Chicago
Sep 12, 2021

Our history has been destroyed and erased. There's traces here and there. Everything you have...

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  • According to the Chicago History Museum, homosexuals built everything in Chicago. The Field Museum says it was all blacks.

  • Silly people no Asian cherries ever lived in west

  • Starting at 24 minutes and 11 seconds, you go into the ladders that were used to access parts of the structures. I know you were making your case that these are stone construction and not stucco. However, I noticed that the statues were all braced with metal rods to keep them upright. Stone statues don't need that kind of support. It adds to the idea that the statues were flimsy and needed to be supported.

  • Didn't Chicago suffer through two great fires? It makes no sense to me that someone would set such huge structures on fire to be rid of them. That sounds dangerous. It would make better sense if they tore them down and took the debris to a land fill, or even reuse some of the materials...

    However, and this is a big however, at the 8 minute and 4 second mark of the video, you show a couple of photos of the buildings on fire, and the aftermath of the fire, which show the skeletal remains of a few metal frames in a bunch of rubble. Stone does not burn away. It cracks, crumbles, and vitrifies, which can result in partial collapses of the stone buildings. The contents of those structures, if built with stone should have burnt away. However, there should be scorched, soot covered remains of stone buildings with some of the columns fallen down. The walls should be cracked, crumbling, and blackented with soot.

    Those photos show none of that. It shows a debris field after the fires.

  • Episodes One and Two are unavailable on YouTube.

  • As a Bulgarian I can tell you few facts. Tartars are Hunic tribes in East Siberia. The meaning of the Tartar name comes from Ter-Ter which simply means jaybird. There was a medieval dynasty called Terter which ruled Danube Bulgaria for few centuries. Tartaria is in fact just a name for the Bulgarian empire lasted for millennia. It ruled vast majority of Asia - whole northern Asia to Japan. The closest descendants of these medieval Tartarians are the Volga Bulgars which are now wrongly called tatars. There are Indian words and tribe names that can be translated to the Turkic language of Volga Bulgars. This is maybe the most ancient language in the world. DM me if you need more info.

  • How can the Chicago Fire (1871) be explained?

  • I own many WCE items and its Great History !

  • They even have drain pipes.

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