The Great Dinosaur Hoax (Clipped From Stream #692 12/11/2019)
Nov 14, 2021

High morality self sufficient comunities is the way forward. Positivity and creativity is the...

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  • WAT? this is my time hearing about dinosaur bones being radioactive. 0___0

    And there are Christian paleontologists who also study dinosaur bones.

    And i remember that it used to be 65 million years ago, back in the 80s and 90s , now it is 66 ?

  • Search for information on the Island that formed recently in FOUR DAYS.

    Next, consider that ten thousand years is THREE MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND days.

  • RE: the age of things....

    2 Lion cubs, same cave, same DNA, but dated 15K years apart. based on "dating" methods, ergo, they cannot be the same litter,blah, blah ,blah.

  • Yep. The objective of Cartels (a.k.a Oligopoly), is to create artificial scarcity. CO2 is plant food.

  • Beware the ferocious Thesaurus

  • Petroleum oil comes from diatoms, small creatures with oil droplets used for buoyancy. When these organisms accumulate and are buried in a fold, the oil slowly converts to petroleum oil. I am a geologist and this is what was taught. No one believes that dinosaur bones became oil. Coal is dead vegetation from a swamp that was buried in a fold or similar.

  • It's a nice video, and thank you, but this is how markets work: they always have a reason to make the prices go up. Period. :D

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