Apr 13, 2021

Liberty Lioness

"The people never give up liberties except under some delusion." -- Edmund Burke



PhD Immunoligist/Viroligist tests 1,500 samples of Covid and finds Influenza A and Influenza B but absolutely no COVID!

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  • IDK, crazy idea... how about you identify yourself and your institutional affiliation so that we can all verify you are who and WHAT you claim to be? otherwise, your assertions have little more weight than those from the CDC or the WHO, ie, zero. just sayin'...

  • Very interesting if what he said is all true. I appreciate if you provide a documented data link of what he said because more detailed analysis can make sure the hoax of COVID19. Further, he said "I believe china...." but I couldn't guess what his last conclusion is. Please add the full video of his interview.

  • It’s funny I’ve never actually seen anybody break it down like this but from the intelligence I have gathered over the last nine months I’ve been saying this to people that I know and they all tell me I’m crazy and I’m a conspiracy theorist I’m so glad to hear somebody that actually knows way more about this than me saying basically what I’ve been saying for nine months

  • About time someone came out and validated this fact. Thank you. But now the "vaccine" will create another "virus". So go look again at cox postulates test of someone post vaccine, you'll find a new surprise.

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