Hauntingly beautiful: Canadians sing for an end to abortion
May 14, 2021


Hundreds of spirited marchers came to Ottawa, Ontario for a scaled-down version of March For Life Canada. LifeSiteNews correspondent Kenton Biffert captured these beautiful moments of Catholics singing prayers in Latin as they marched. Read the article here:

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  • That’s a peaceful gathering.

  • another bunch of stupid people , allow them to take one medical proceeds away , and they will start taking more . pretty soon , your health care pays for nothing ! monkeys / sheep .

  • How I wish I could have saved our baby from my husband AND my own Doctor that had me held down on a Table Screaming 'PLEASE DON'T KILL MY BABY' and when I woke up a woman was sitting in a chair next to me rubbing my hand and saying, 'It's ok honey, it's all over and you'll be fine', but I wasn't 'fine'. We divorced because he proved he had no heart or feelings for me or our other sons. HE didn't want 'it' and my Doctor, Dr. Eugene Sollman in Canoga Park CA would not even tell me the gender of my aborted child and simply said, 'You don't want to know', totally ignoring me again. I was 'just a housewife with kids and a husband that lived single and betrayed us into Divorce Court where he slaughtered us financially. Why? He was a Hollywood Stuntman and that shows you the POWER Hollywood 'occupants' have when a 'nobody' tries to go up against them. He died in 2009 and disinherited our son that he had given up his parental right to for refusing to obey a Court Order to seek help for his 'Problem' and that was not punishment at all because he had nothing to do with my son, his adopted son or our son but putting them, and me, down constantly. We found comfort when we heard he died and kicked our sons in the heart again because he faced another Judge that isn't 'Star Struck' like the ones at the L.A. Divorce Court where my lawyer had taken a large sum from me that I had to sell gold coins to pay her with as we were homeless and locked out of 'his' house. She never showed up and we found ourselves UNDER the wheels of the Bus. How does that woman sleep at night? She's a Lie'yer and totally Star Struck. God will get her too and its just a matter of time unless she makes it right with our sons. I can't stand the sight of her homely mug and wish her only what she created and deserves.

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