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'I consider it murder!': A grieving father cries out to warn others about COVID vaccine
Nov 01, 2021


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Ernesto Ramirez, whose 15 year old son was killed by the Pfizer vaccine, has traveled all the way from McAllen, Texas to Washington, D.C. to share his pain and suffering with other victims, and to bring attention to the scandal of the massive coverup to hide the truth about vaccine injuries and deaths.

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  • My husband got the shots last February and March and has been in very poor health since. He had lung cancer in 2017 and had a lobectomy and survived it. 4 months after the Jabs they found a tumor in his other lung.

  • I feel for Ernesto, but the information was out there, just not on MSM.

  • Ernest, from one dad to another. WE Fathers who hold true the values of God, Family & Country are with you brother. You sir are in my prayers. May the Light of LIBERTY NEVER be extinguished.

  • If there is poison in the vaccine which kills one,then it can kills all who get it.Some did not die because of strong immune systems,got only Saline,a.k.a Placebo,or double Blinded Studies,btw people's Immuned should be fighting against Covid and not with this Vaccine poisons.

  • This is soul crushing to this man, my heart goes out to him. 17 yr olds don't die from myocarditis and endocarditis in numbers like we are seeing. Up to 50% of those injected with this poison who develop endocarditis/myocarditis ( inflammation around the heart ) die within 3-5 years. The Moderna version is apparently stronger and worse.

  • It IS murder. We are witness to the WORST CRIME ever perpetrated upon Humankind. The Lord will have His vengeance.

  • How many more have to die because people are being LIED to across the board from government officials right down to your health care provider?

  • What is up with that fake fur covered microphone? Is this another attempt to make men look soft?

  • Thank you for putting this out. Consider it shared!

  • Now is the time! Wake up to this stupid shit going on! This is 'you know who created bs' to kill each other off! Everyday I awake more to this whole fucking sham, and everyday I am catching them, and exposing more of their hypocrisy. People who you thought you knew now proven out to be Evil fucks! So be it! They chose their way. I have no pity for them anymore! (... and it IS Murder, that means their lives are forfeit.)

  • Sorry for your lost but the government has been lying for decades. I knew the JFK magic bullet was a bull shit story when I heard it back in 1964. I stopped listening to the lies 50 years ago. I hope your tragic story wakes up more people to the lies. This jab is a kill shot and was planned as such. If the people do not see the 2020 election was stolen and take their country back they will wakeup one day on a cage.

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