Oct 15, 2021


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In recent weeks, a list has been circulating among Catholics which claims that several medical products, including treatments against COVID-19, have been supposedly tainted by abortion. John-Henry goes through each of the claims made highlighting what makes them problematic.

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  • Both are plant based this is just bullshit propoganda from the perverted lieft.

  • Ivermectin and HCQ are not derived from abortion cell lines/tissues. Testing on those cell lines is wrong for sure but that is not the same as being developed from them or used in production of them. The problem is most people in the world today are incredibly ignorant and lazy when it comes to research and understanding of the things they use regularly. People will believe anything you tell them if you appeal to authority. People for the most part will not do any research themselves or think for themselves.

  • Indirectly, any use of pharma products are tainted by baby murder because by purchasing them you are helping to fund the major benficiaries of the murders and giving them money to make death shots of all kinds too that murder people every day. Refusing vaccines is also about refusing poison because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We must take down these evil giant corporations. We must seaprate safe medicatIons needed in extreme emergency from these gigantic death cult corporations.

  • The creeps who made that list are trying to mislead people. >__<

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