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'Like a bomb went off in my head': Pilot's career ends after horrific symptoms following Pfizer shot
Nov 04, 2021


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Taken from Tuesday's "Real, Not Rare" conference held outside the US Supreme Court, agricultural pilot Cody Flint, a 33-year-old pilot and father, shared his experience after receiving the Pfizer shot that has ended his career and stole his dreams for his family.

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  • forget the mandate, you wont be able to work anyways if you get one of those horrible side effects or die.

  • Would like to list to this video however it won't play on this site or on the GAB site itself.

  • How horrible...I wouldn't be surprised if this man decides to end it all...Well, we'll all be suffering soon enough when these evil lizard people starve us all out...and from what I'm hearing that's very very near...Those prepared maay last somewhat longer, but suite up b/c life is fixin' to get a whole lot worse, you don't need to let them puncture your arm and deliver a dose of poison into your system b/c you're going to need every singel ounce of your strength.

  • according to the supreme court,once you are vaccinated with this mrna poison you are no longer human and you fall under a patent. In otherwords you are owned by the patent holder. Same shit monsanto pulled decades ago.

  • These are the exact same symptoms i have been fighting currently for the last 6 weeks and im not vaccinated. Do you think its actually symptoms of the virus?

  • While these citizens with ruined lives are left high and dry by their government, that same government is planning on rewarding illegal aliens with a million dollars in compensation for breaking the law!

  • REMEMBER: If it's 'IMPOSSIBLE' to claim that an injury was the result of a vaccine, it's logically also IMPOSSIBLE to SAFETY TEST vaccines. Why? Because, if you "CANNOT ATTRIBUTE ANY HARM, INJURY, or ADVERSE EVENT, BECAUSE OF THE ABILITY TO RAISE DOUBT, AND ALSO SPECULATIVELY CLAIM "THE DAMAGE WAS JUST SOME PRE-EXISTING/UNDERLYING/UNKNOWN CONDITION", this means the do the SAME during a vaxx trial... so, it is IMPOSSIBLE to test whether a vaccine is SAFE, if it is IMPOSSIBLE to attribute any HARM to the vaccines.

    This means we can apply the SAME logic to whether the vaccines PROTECTED anyone. We can JUST as easily -- invoking the EXACT SAME POWERS of speculation and doubt -- we can just as easily claim, "we do NOT know the vaccine protected the person, because there could have been some underlying immune system that protected them, and we can DOUBT the vaccine protected anyone from any specific exposure to the virus"


  • Anyone who takes the jab is a fool and has a death wish, and can not think for themselves. These shots are genocide and it has been planned from the beginning. Only zombies believe the lies on TV, wakeup to the lies.

  • i wish he would not have said some people should take it. its called killing off granny.

  • If the vaccines work, then how are unvaccinated people a threat to vaccinated people? If the vaccines don’t work, then why take them in the first place and why mandate them? according to dozens of peer reviewed studies the median Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid is only 0.27%? Who exactly are the unvaxxed a threat to? Less than 1% of the population? And if we are actually a threat to these people, then maybe THEY should take the vaccines, if they think the vaccines truly work. What about the fact that vaccinated people still transmit the disease to others, according the the CDC narrative? Furthermore, new studies from countries with very high rates of vaccination have shown that natural immunity formed by people who have already had covid (like I have) is superior in protection against future contraction or transmission of the covid virus. Natural immunity is up to 27 times more effective than the vaccines. It trumps the jab to an epic degree. And what about all those breakthrough cases and deaths of fully vaccinated people? Chomsky must be ignoring those as well. Nearly 60% of all people hospitalized in Israel are fully vaccinated; 56% of all covid deaths from April to October in Ireland were people who received at least one vaccination. Who caused that? Unvaxxed people most of whom have superior natural immunity? Or, vaccinated people with low comparative immunity and the ability to transmit the disease?"

  • Why do they all say people should still go get the shot? And they are still pro vaccine? … even after it has done them nothing but harm?

  • It's not supposed to make sense. The intention is to demoralize people, and get them to surrender just to "go back to normal." But they will never be allowed to go back to normal.

  • There is a very important lesson here, I wonder how many will get it !!!

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