'Pfizer vaccine killed my son': Grieving father speaks out
Sep 16, 2021


On April 18, 2021,15-year old Ernesto Ramirez, Jr. took the Pfizer vaccine. Four days later, he collapsed and died suddenly. Ernesto Sr. sent his son's autopsy results to a Houston physician who confirmed that the likely cause of death was an enlarged heart, triggered by the vaccine. Ernesto spoke to LifeSite's Jim Hale about this tragedy, that took the life of his only son. Read more about the incident here:

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  • Sorry, but I have no room for sympathy for a man that did this to his own son. Especially after he had over 4 months of hearing that the danger, for taking the experimental Jab, include death & miscarriage for pregnant women. As well as being incubators to spread the virus/man made sickness to others.

  • This is a heartbreaking story. All these stories of people dying after being vaccinated is heartbreaking. Wake up.

  • God be with you brother! May God give you comfort..

  • Ernesto, I am very sorry for your loss. I pray your son's death will be part of what heals our country, because of what people must learn from this.

    Of course you went crazy!!! No shame in that.

  • Lord, please bless this man who was deceived and betrayed. His dear son, I pray, is with you ,dressed in robes of white.

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