Oct 27, 2021


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ENHANCED AUDIO. Hear the explosive audio recordings of doctors and hospital administrators denying COVID patients visitors, doctor-prescribed ivermectin, and even nutrition and hydration.

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  • She's right, these are crimes against humanity. Prosecute them.

  • NEVER, EVER, EVER allow your family member to go to ANY hospital alone! If that is the rule, DO NOT GO IN!

  • How can we bring legal action? I'm in Washington state where this is going on also. Further we need to take each governor and health department head to court and force them to provide sample of Cov'2 Covod 19. They cannot provide this.

  • This is why we don't want government to run our hospitals and healthcare systems.

  • I was recently in the hospital diagnosed with covid when I was released I was told to contact my primary care physician, so I had a zoom appt & I asked about Ivermectin he laughed & said it was for livestock & it wasn't a treatment for covid I even said have you seen the India studies & he stated their was no evidence from India that it helps. I knew then physician's do not care about your health. I fired him but I'm not expecting much different care, sadly. So in the grand scale of things the clinic's & hospitals money is tied to all this & they have zero moral's & medical ethic's as just doing what they are told. Medicine has become evil from the medical conglomerates in charge.

  • I witnessed this first hand with a coworker. They murdered his wife the same way. He pleaded with the doctors to give her ivm after my family all beat it with ivm. She was the one to pass it to all of us. She died on a vent. She was 53

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