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TALKING GALACTIC: Christ Consciousness Ep1
Aug 31, 2022


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Master teachers Paramahansa Yogananada and Sri Babaji join in on a discussion on Christ Consciousness, sharing it's critical role in elevating out of the 3D construct and into the highest aspect of ourselves.

“ This episode first aired on May 16, 2022. Due to censorship we are moving our shows over to TV.Gab. We appreciate your support. ”

Nikola Tesla, speaking for a spirit teacher collective, shares how to reverse age and the state of illness.

Also shared is the means by which humanity will at last awaken from its stupor and some shocking news regarding walk-ins and (wink) people you thought you knew.

In Talking Galactic, renowned psychic counselor Joyce Keller joins her daughter, author/producer Lane Keller in this ongoing discussion of current events filtered through a lively intuitive lens. Various galactic visitors drop by with messages, insights and guidance for viewers, helping to make TALKING GALACTIC a one-of-a-kind exchange that boosts your vibration and stretches your world view.

Joyce Keller and Lane Keller deliver real time, real world tools to help us out of manipulated programming and connect to our divine purpose with the help of master teachers who are actively working to help humanity.

Talking Galactic is a bi-weekly hour of fun, cosmic information. Let the demystification of abstract concepts and astral wisdom heal you of disillusionment, inaction, limiting mindsets, and release you from the matrix stronghold.

Joyce Keller has personally conducted thousands of life readings including connecting to loved ones who have passed away, and has included this wisdom in many of her 11 books ,including & Steps to Heaven (Simon & Schuster) and Why Are We Here? (ARE Press). Her TV appearances include guest and regular spots on Oprah, Geraldo, Good Morning America, Lifetime Network, and more. Send your questions for spiritual visitors, including which visitor you would like to hear from, to Please put GALACTIC QUESTIONS in caps in the subject line.


Does the truth always have to hurt? LifeSource original content answer your deepest questions. Financial sovereignty in a profit-driven world. Reaching the highest soul connection. Bridging the gap between medicine and natural healing, safely. Maybe you have questions about the nature of institutions meant to serve you, your personal relationships, or want practical info on UFO'S and stargates. You're wondering what part of history is real? Here is truth, higher elevation consciousness and more, delivered in no-holds-barred apolitical fashion. Our integrity is real and so our are shows. Speaking of advertising--that is old paradigm. Advertising is a manipulation designed to get you to buy something you don't need. The only sponsors we align with are those we can stand beside firmly, in integrity.

Our material is sure to cause a disruption. We are censored and flagged on most free platforms, and are hoping to find a home on Gab TV. Please see the website for links to our full roster of shows and consider supporting us with a small donation. See more at:

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