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Talking Galactic: Tantric S ex vs Crystalline: which is Better? E4
Aug 31, 2022


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Tantric S ex vs Crystalline: which is Better?

“ This episode first aired on Jun 11, 2022. Due to censorship we are moving our shows over to TV.Gab. We appreciate your support. ”

From Monkey Poxes, DNA Activation & Crystalline S e x, Joyce and Lane Keller discuss new paradigms, the lifting veil, Yuga cycles and their meaning, why the 4th dimension is important, trauma as a vehicle for change, Round-up and the vaccinated, a new pharmaceutical cure for cancer?, Sri Lanka, the Jubilee, Project Bluebeam, protecting and utlizing all strands of DNA, crystalline bodies, Breatharianism(!), baby formula, spiral templates and crystal vortices, and more!


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