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Lindsey Graham is out there - The Song
Sep 17, 2022




Mr. Lindsey the Graham, is a prime example of a deep state golden boy. He plays of sides of the thrones. During election time you would think he’s a good honest guy. When the Boss needs him the guy would bend over backwards so far his back would turn into a pretzel.

My assumption is he must be compromised. At minimum a tape slaughtering kids or something with a huge smile on his face. If my assumption sounds farfetched; in theory imagine a group of humans so evil that they infiltrated a government, the school system, sectors of communication, means of transportation, medical journals, and so on all in the name of equality. But in reality their goal is their belly. The work for the highest bidder or favors for the highest member holding keys of power. In this network there are those who control the flow of favors typically by means of blackmail which is normal business and everyone involved accepts the terms. Then imagine this fine tuned, well oiled machinery network become compromised because populism was on the rise, The People of the Great I Am cried for help, and he listened. Then One outsider stepped in and threw a monkey ranch into the well oiled machinery we call deep state.

In order to regain control this well organization of criminals pulled off 2016…… 2016 Sabotage of government; Plan to regain control; Execution of said plan; Main Maintain the lie and blame, blame on the innocent.

All this is a conspiracy from a Novel maybe.

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