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since: September 15th 2022
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  • Posting truth for the love of God! πŸ’– πŸšͺ πŸ•Š

    True Christian and historical content will be found here, along with other interesting content. ⏳

    You will NOT find those who claim to be "Christian", yet at the same time, do not follow the scripture of the Bible, and who live in such a way that shows that they are not Christian.

    The King James Bible is baseline of the Bible in English. THERE IS NO EARLIER TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE INTO ENGLISH THAN THE KING JAMES BIBLE. That is reality, the King James Bible is the closest English written Bible to the original scripture. The KJV is an accurate translation.

    You will not find "Prosperity", "Social", or other false gospels of any kind here.

    You will not find videos of anyone asking you for money to "heal" you, or to "save" your soul. If you give money for spiritual healing or soul saving to anyone, then you are being duped. Giving money for spiritual healing or soul saving is a scam and you who do so will find your problems return as soon as the person who "healed" or "saved" you wants more money. πŸ’Έ

    The True Gospel of Salvation DOES NOT require monetary payment of ANY kind. The True Gospel of Salvation requires you to turn away from sin, anotherwords to repent. After that, if you hold to the 10 Commandments of God the Creator, and you do not backslide into sin, then you may become born again. You show God that you love him by following his Commandments, all of them. People see that you have repented and that you are saved by HOW you live your life, and by HOW you treat people.

    Yet, without FAITH in Jesus Christ for what he did for YOU in his crucifixion, death for ALL sins, resurrection, and ascension, you will not be saved. Faith is first and always primary to salvation. Faith will show in the works of one who is saved, yet it is NEVER the works that save your soul for Heaven. Your intentions are never hidden from God the Creator. Read through the entire KJV Bible and ask God the Creator to reveal himself to you, to find the faith that you need for salvation. πŸ’•

    The One True God is the Creator of the Heavens and of the Earth. He is also the Creator of ALL LIFE, without him, nothing worth living for would exist. He is a fair and just God, that does not mince words and who does not play mind games. He granted free will, so that love could exist in forgiveness, and Hell for the unrepentant. πŸ”₯

    Hell exists because of iniquity, when an individual or a Nation falls under the judgement of God, they have two choices: TO REPENT and return to God the Creator and his Commandments, or TO CONTINUE on the path to Hell. (Nations do "die", the Roman Empire "died" and no longer exists.) Hell is much worse than the worst of this life, because hell never ends. At least in this life, you will go numb and die after some time when in a situation of torture. In Hell, the pain never ends. It is forever. βŒ›

    For the unbelievers, I recommend that you research some NDE's (Near Death Experiences), before you make the foolish statement that the afterlife does not exist, or the even more foolish statement, that Hell does not exist. Your entire existence, mind, soul, and body has a frequency. When you die, that frequency continues on, albeit not as noticeable in most cases, it is still there.

    God the Creator never sends anyone to Hell, people send themselves to Hell through their lack of faith and the choices that they make.


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