COVID vaccines Part I: Are COVID vaccines truly the only solution to the pandemic?
May 14, 2021

Biochemist saved by grace


In this video I discuss forgotten lessons of recent history of manufactured pandemic crisis, and how, just as at present day, it was exploited to push for both – a worldwide implementation of radical socialism, and mass vaccination with speedily developed and insufficiently tested vaccines. I also discuss how millions of humans are presently acting as guinea pigs for the COVID-19 vaccine pharma manufacturers, and how vested corrupt interests are waging a censorship war against safe and effective preventative and therapeutic anti-viral drugs.

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  • I really enjoyed this presentation. It is clear, precise and presents evidence that is helpful to those of us who are engaged in helping others learn the facts in this matter. Do you have Dr. McCullough video that was removed from YouTube? Again, thank you very much for this video. I will take a look at the others.

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