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Precinct Committeeman Tutorial
Feb 12, 2021

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Dan Schultz explains how to populate the Republican Party with true, conservative Constitutionalists on Steve Bannon's #WarRoomPandemic program. It starts with simply volunteering to be part of your local Precinct Committee. There are 400,000 slots available nation-wide, half of which are VACANT. Imagine filling 200,000 of those slots with Trump MAGA Republicans. That is true political power as Precinct Committeemen get to vote DIRECTLY on who runs the party. THIS IS THE BEST KEPT SECRET THE GOP RINOs DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. Dan Schultz explains how simple it is and gives ALL HIS CONTACT INFORMATON AT THE END OF THE VIDEO.

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  • Massaschusetts has open elections for state committeemen/women, not just local committee people. The rinos run horrible candidates with big budgets and after major fights, are still nearly half the committee. It's very frustrating. Know-nothing voters go for whoever sent out more mailings, or whoever is from their town (of course the rinos pick their candidates from the largest community in any district).

  • I've tried to pursue this in Nebraska. I'm told by GOP (very rudely) that we don't have Precinct committeeman in our state.

  • I'll be checking into this.

  • The first I've heard of the Committeeman positions. Getting the vacancies filled is obvious. Getting the filled positions vetted might be harder.

  • People who fearmonger about a third party don’t interest me. In fact, I think a third party is the only thing that can save America.

  • Excellent info. Trying to follow, etc. but tech skills limited and cannot figure out how to find groups/people on Parler, MeWe, etc. Strongly encouraging folks to take this opportunity. Trump should be back soon but he doesn't want to play nursemaid, he wants and has been trying, to teach adults how to govern themselves effectively, so this is a PERFECT example of exactly what he wants us to be doing.

  • This is so important!

  • I’m in Kentucky and I want to get involved! This is too important no to do something now! Dan, I appreciate all your help.

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