Nov 18, 2021

Mark Smith

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to...



MIRRORED: Video via @gatewaypundit

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  • Catholic pagan devils

  • I am with Archbishop Vigano. There is a lot going on in the Catholic Church. It would take a bit too long to tell it all here. The traditional Catholics are doing their best to take back the Church and Archbishop Vigano is much respected and has become an inspiration and maybe at this point a leader. In my opinion, the main reason that the globalist have been able to take such a great hold worldwide is with the support of the current Bishop of Rome, Francis and his minions. Traditionalists are working to resist the smoke of satan that has entered the Church and Vigano is a force aiding in that brave work.

  • There is no greater evil on earth than the Roman Catholic Church... in spite of the talk. And Archbishop Vigano is no better than the rest of those devils.

  • We have the knowledge and technology to feed and take care of the needs of every human in the world and save our planet. Humanity must unite and destroy the NWO.

  • By the power of Yahuah Yahusha bless & keep thee The Lamb make his face shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee Yahuah Sabaoth lift up his countenance towards thee & bring strength in everlasting peace Glory strength, wisdom, honour, fear, power, might & majesty be unto the most high o’Adonai our king of kings & Lord of lords who said I was dead & now I am alive forever more… Thank you 🙏 Praise Yah HalleluYAH

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