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Neil Oliver: Government leaders are frightened of their own people - and there's a lot of us
Sep 26, 2021

Mark Smith

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to...

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  • They better be afraid, after all the liberties, the Frankenstein Freemason have decided to take from hard working, innocent faithful citizens. The people are going to revolt without a doubt, they have nothing to lose. Be prepared all you “Frankenstein Freemason “, the spirit of the almighty Christ will soon be visible in the hearts of your mistreated people…

  • The Nuremberg laws came to mind a while back & I finally saw someone post. But most world leaders are totally ignoring everything anyway & we havent been demanding so they've just taken full reign. I cant imagine them ever being held accountable by who's in charge though. It should say something how they're so afraid with all the internet censoring.

  • NEWMATICS weapons tech is what you want to be talking about

  • There are SO MANY MORE OF US than of [[[them]]]. DAMN the elite and their enforcers. Do NOT "back the blue" or bow to the military UNLESS they BACK THE PEOPLE and not the oligarchs and technocrats. DAMN the technocrats and their bureaucratic minions.

  • My only point of contention is your mention of leaders. In America we don't have any. We elect servants that are supposed to do the will of the people. Sadly alot of Americans look up to their elected servants as though they are their leaders to have them rule over us. We American's need to be reminded, we don't elect leaders. We elect servants. We the People are the leaders.

  • Do not comply. The masses have the power. Stop government control. Roll back the power of government. Eliminate all the government "agencies". Stop taxation. Limit national government. Return the power to local government. No political parties - only true representatives of the people. Limit the terms of elected officials. Counter the revolution of the elite new world order. Execute the elites. Destroy the monoplies. It is not beyond our power.

  • I pray for Australia, and the world. We must wake up.

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