People are Strange
Dec 28, 2020

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to...


"I'm a healthy person, I'm not crazy!"

"Yes you are, everybody's crazy!"

That says it all really . . .

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  • The mask business has become quite profitable for many people. Designer Masks, Filtered Masks, Mask Accessories.... the list goes on.

  • Executive Orders and Governor mandates are not law and they have no rights to lock you down ! What part of George Carlin's Ít's a club and you ain't in it' (skit) do voters not understand ? Blame the 33% (moral minority) of the US population who are voters/ enablers of the 1%/are complicit/consent by voting, and are [thus] a danger to the rest of us and the world (except Israel).

    The US has been a mere CORPORATION (legal fiction = not a Republic) since 1861 when the southern states walked out of Congress over the issue of not wanting to put up their public lands as surety for the national debt (not slavery).

    When Lincoln then no longer had a quorum in Congress to be a Republic, he started the US CORPORATION, where the Constitution is in favor of the banks and [CORPORATE] government, and the fake government is the Sovereign, not the people.

    The FEDERAL RESERVE is also an international private CORPORATION. 14th Amendment "citizens" are considered as sureties for the national debt (which you are not allowed to question) and wards of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) courts.

    Dual citizens in elected and appointed positions of policy-making of wars, resource & land theft,, etc. ? [email protected] would not occur if the US was actually still a Republic.

    Waiting for breadcrumbs while we have to watch the left-right false paradigm circus and waiting for CV-19, etc. vaccines while simultaneously facing arrest for not wearing masks оr not social distancing ? [email protected] would not occur if the US were a Republic.

    The US owes you the interest money on the CORPORATION (birth certificate bond & tax asset tracking #) they started in your name (@vanity/commerce) and monetized that as a bond on the stock market. Is it easier to fool the sheeple than it is to convince them they've been fooled ?

  • The government knows that face masks don't work, they just want to make you docile.

  • You do not need to worry about a virus with a 99.7% survival rate

  • The video left out if YOU are wearing mask then you are protected from me. Even my Dr. does not require a mask. I will not comply either, I have been done with it since day 1.

  • The covid coup had many underlining purposes. It was no accident. It was an act of war and terrorism by the Chinese Communist Party as well as globalist operatives in our Governments. It was designed to screw with the economy, private business, personal rights, and most importantly, our federal elections. In the summer of 2019 there was a concert in Europe (don’t recall the country) where an aging 80s pop diva performed on stage with numerous people wearing the theatrical masks of ravens, the ones that have been used to represent plague as long as theater has existed. Behind the plastic surgery addicted 80s star is a large model, at least four feet wide, of a nodule covered sphere... Nobody had a clue what that was in the summer of 2019. The model totally resembled what we see in the news graphics in 2020 to represent the Corona Virus. The Illuminati must tell you in advance of what they have planned. Pay attention... there is a new movie just released, a film delayed more than a year that has Nuclear confrontation in it. Could they be hinting at such an event coming? I digress. The other aspects of the Corona Coup is that it allowed the powers that be to gauge the gullibility and malleability of the general public. There was little resistance at first, then more, and then the lock down and all the Hellywood Celebutards got on board telling their adoring public how to think and act. A few lost credibility after they fled alleged prosecution in Greece but others maintained their status quo...after all if they didn't they would never work again in film or music. They allowed the NFL to have their $17 billion dollar Superbowl. Hellywood stuffed shirts patted themselves on the back for their ability to pretend for a living, and a bunch of screeching monkeys celebrated their lack of talent with music...and the Demoncrats had their god-less convention....ALL WITHOUT MASK MANDATES. Fast forward to March and Spring Break, the preamble to summer business boons... Nope, cannot have Spring Break...too dangerous! No we cannot have hotels and bars and small businesses make money in an election year. We have to knock the end out of the trough! Then the Theaters, Churches (many of whom resisted... I know ours did and told the local govt. that we would individually sue them not just the county and city (Amazing how fast liberals back off when you threaten to slap a lien on their homes.) If covid is so bad how can you have people playing games on a field without a mask. Distance means nothing when you are running sweating and then there is a thing called the wind that can carry viruses into the air. If the bug is so bad that a private restaurant cannot open or you have to close a church then SNL cannot perform without masks, the NFL and other major sports outlets cannot play on a field without masks, and Hollywood cannot film movies without masks. (Could you imagine the cast of a marvel movie all wearing a mask portraying their superheroes...LOL) This virus or the hysteria around it is patently false. It is less than .03% fatal and to those who have compromised immune systems. So why the hysteria. Well they plan to release worse bugs in the future that is why! The constant wear of these masks will screw up your immune system. Some symptoms can include sinus infections and hypoxia as well as others. (I’m waiting for this to come out so that all the employees of Wal-Mart and Target can sue their employers into bankruptcy!) Those with the diminished immune systems will be more susceptible to the next round; which will have a much larger death toll. It will be promoted as a new form of Covid, but in reality it will be something else. They will blame those who do not want to wear masks for the resurgence, most of the public are goats eating anything they are fed by the media. The powers will silence whistleblowers and opposition. Anyone who provides medical evidence that the new bug has nothing to do with Covid will be squashed. This is why the technocracy has become so iron fisted lately. The Covid scenario’s darkest purpose over all is to acclimate the public to do as they are told. The nest phase is you will have to take their dangerous vaccine. A chemical cocktail produced with the stem cells of aborted babies. They will deny this of course; a lie. Do you really think a group of people, who have no problem sucking out the brains of a nearly due baby with a sharpened aluminum tube, have some moral dilemma with telling the truth? They are already having serious side effects with the current Vaccine which was made by Pfizer…a highly suspected globalist run company… They will eventually insist people take the vaccine if they want to travel on Jets, buses, trains and subways. Then they will introduce a vaccine chip. This is the crux of their plan. The chip will not only contain your vaccine information but all of your information, bank accounts and the like. The covid coup is ultimately a boil-the-frog campaign designed to soften the public to the idea of a global MARK. (Insert Church Lady voice) Hmmm where have I heard this idea before? Could it be Revelation 13: 16-17?
    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (also known as the Cribriform of the skull) 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Like it or not that is where this is going… Maybe not tomorrow or a month from now but eventually…sometime in the future. They need to soften people up for now… Then again, when you have people who are losing their homes, cars, livelihoods, freedoms, and liberties they become desperate and will accept the government solution to the problem the government created. A play out of the Saul Alinsky guide to destroying a country.

  • Posted a few replies to comments, and nothing showed up on my screen, even after I waited. Wondering if something is broken.

  • The public is being conditioned for cognitive dissonance and double think... all strongly held positions will be made flimsy and the public will become malleable to the whims and propaganda of elites... sad times

  • Nice video, Mr. Smith. The following link is for a video that many may find helpful as well: "How Your Thinking About Masks Might Be Wrong (SS21)"

  • We need more courageous people like this awesome girl! She is better than any Hollywood celebrity in the world!

  • This woman is correct 100%. Everyone saying "masks work" in any way shape or form is 100% lost. What does "work" mean anyway?


    Whether a mask stops an aersolized virus can ONLY be determined in a properly constructed peer reviewed scientific study, like the one done in Denmark, which 2 major journals still refuse to publish. Or in the absence of that, we have to rely on the dozen or so met meta analysis on the subject. And when we examine these, what are we looking for? We are looking for "statistical significance", not "work". If the results don't show "statistically significant" correlation, then anyone in power insisting there is, is a liar and a snake oil salesman, and should be hung by the neck until dead, for the damage they are doing.

    That is the whole argument right there. There are no other options, choices, or possibilities.

    Either masks / social distancing are effective (statistically significant), or they are not.

    The REAL studies show conclusively, THAT THEY ARE NOT.

    Full stop, end of story.

    The only question left in my mind, is when do the Nuremburg trials II start?

  • Generally most or 80% seem to be entirely ignorant and half of them are dangerous or putrid in the mind and body. Nearly every relative is quite sick and can't think for themselves. When they go too far eliminate them for balance.. Some will vanish earlier.

  • If masks are so effective, then let those that are afraid and want to wear them do so; power to you! Leave the rest of the people alone to choose as they see fit.

  • I enjoy all the comments about how important this is. So... why would we ever stop? Continuing to social distance, wear masks and abbreviate our freedom and pursuit of happiness WILL reduce transmission of disease even beyond Covid. So, why didn't we start years ago, and why would we ever stop to reduce annual deaths among the infirm and elderly from colds and the flu?

    How many deaths is ok? How much inconvenience and economic calamity do we accept to protect these people? Obviously we know how much caused a panic. Now, can we kill five susceptible people and get back to life? 10? 100? 1,000?

    Or how about susceptible people wear masks and isolate and the rest of the >99.9% get back to life? Thousands of people condemned to service a fraction of a percent is slavery of the worst kind.

  • The Dr. Baller video was published in March, in April the WHO explained that it was concerned about a shortage of medical masks due to mass use by the public and that these statements about not needing a mask were lies to prevent this possible shortage... WHO: We lie to you so you will do as we say, so believe us when we say to do what we want.

  • "No body ever went broke under estimating the intelligence of the American public." H L Mencken. Looks like Boobus Americanus will believe anything authority says, even when deep down they know makes no sense.

  • Mark, if you think everybody is crazy then why would you share this? This woman is exactly correct and the brainwashed mainstream is not doing their own research. The mainstream corporate media is helping themselves & other corporations to make insane profits from this new medical demand. A CORPORATION IS ALL ABOUT PROFIT. The belief in things just because it is broadcast by people who sound trustworthy is just our conditioned assumption because we are too lazy to look into the facts presented by INDEPENDENT MEDICAL AUTHORITIES. This lady has read the facts about the spread of COVID and also the detrimental effects of wearing a mask when it is NOT NECESSARY! We must seek out the independent authorities and stop being brainwashed by the profeteers.

  • I’m a disabled ex RAF veteran (from my service) and in April 2020 I was due to have my right hip replaced, but, because of the pandemic it was postponed. I started wearing a mask immediately and sanitizing my hands because I want to keep myself safe from people who are asymptomatic and selfish, inconsiderate arseholes who refuse to protect others and I want to be able to have the surgery when it is rescheduled.

  • Facts & Common Sense vs Psychological Manipulation --> Gutsy Lady Wins! -|- Guilt-tripping / Abusive Bullies / Passive Aggressive / Coercive Control: “Their main method of manipulation is guilt. If you feel guilt tripped, you are dealing with a sociopath.” — it's all illusion, (Soulless Humans Are Programs of the Matrix) | They Live - I've got one that can see.:

  • Huh. It’s almost as if the WHO is flip flopping on its answers to suit a narrative.

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