Mar 16, 2022

Mark Smith

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to...



Look past the tats, and listen to this man's message. It has many implications, far beyond the music industry. He is simply relating the message from his world. THIS effort was started by two people, and it might just turn the music industry upside down.

MIRRORED for archival purposes:

If you want to help us compete on the charts, download our digital album here: They try to hold us down but we can win.

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  • Let's chop at the tree - Billboard is these guys customers. If Billboard is..... WAIT FOR IT WRONG...because they have NWO data collectors { imagine my shock } Then the are worthless and we need a new company running the charts.

  • I know the shills, bad actors, and idiots who don't understand how this shit works won't like this, but MacDonald is a phony. He's the asshole they put out there as a lightning rod. He's meant to pretend to be anti-establishment, and the establishment itself will call him out as such to sell it, but he never speaks "truth to power". He never speaks real truth. If he told the actual truth he would be shut down completely, not bragging about his success. Not allowed on YouTube. My goodness, stop being gullible fools.

  • Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha . Thats all got for you for i think you are the best the best there ever was.

  • Look like a mutant freak and expect to be thought of as a mutant freak.

  • I figured Billboard's charts were BS.

  • Lol, please. Wannabe ex wrestlers from Toronto pretending to be a gangsta rapper chillin with Blair White trannies. Its so conservative.

    His music is shit.

  • Tom you ROCK!

  • He's grandfathered in through his last name. Don't be fooled. He is a definite insider. Grandson of Duane Eddy and Jessi Coulter. Step grandson of Waylon Jennings. Nephew of Shooter Jennings. This is just his way to sell his schtick. And I can't stand rap music anyway..

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