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#Ukraine #CIA #USAID CIA in Ukraine EXPOSED - NED, USAID, IREX, & Attempted COVER-UP! They Tried to Delete ALL Info!
Mar 23, 2022

Mark Smith

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to...



MIRRORED, because, you know, censorship and stuff

Description CIA in Ukraine EXPOSED - NED, USAID, IREX, & Attempted COVER-UP! They Tried to Delete ALL Info! 147 Likes 1,918 Views Mar 22 2022 The CIA has been operating in Ukraine for decades via Media, "Education", Governmental and many other types of Operations. They do this by operating through their front groups like the National Endowment for Democracy, USAID, IREX and many more. Despite their attempts to cover up this information after the war started, these operations have been exposed by online researchers. This video is the first to expose many of these groups and their coverups!

Sources: Ukraine's Illegal Prison Camp EXPOSED After 8 Years - "Aidar Battalion": Wikispooks: National Endowment for Democracy: National Endowment for Democracy deletes records of funding projects in Ukraine: NED Funding Archive Search Ukraine's Pravda Wiki: Hromadske Wiki: Freedom House: Wikispooks: USAID: Democracy Now: is USAID the new CIA Agency?: Freedom House: Eurasia Programs (After deletions): Freedom House: Eurasia Programs (Before deletions, archived): Truth Hounds: Fulcrom: LGBT Military: Fulcrom's Manifesto of Equality: Veteran Hub (After deletions, translated): https://veteranhub-com-ua.translate.g... Veteran Hub (archived, semi-preserved version of website before deletion): East Europe Foundation: EEF History: Kyiv Post: Taking care of war veterans is passion of activist who helped start Veteran Hub: Victor Pinchuk - Wiki: Veteran Hub Founder's LinkedIn: One Young World - EverybodyWiki: One Young World - Leadership: IREX - Financial Information: IREX - Our Supporters: IREX - Financials by Region:

#Ukraine #CIA #USAID

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  • I like RT even if it is somewhat liberal it does tell the truth at least sometimes it is from a liberal perspective I have followed this since 2014 when it happened US Aide was also there with ISIS probably all of these groups were a part of the operation also and you may as well call CIA "CIA/Mossad because they all work together

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