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David Calls Him Lord - Matthew 22:41-46
May 05, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



They made their attacks framed as questions and Jesus' answers had stymied them. Now it is his turn to ask them a question.

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• There is nothing logical about unbelief • It makes no sense to hate the God who created you and desires only to save you • At this point in the narrative the Jewish Leaders did not want to continue in debate with Jesus but, the could not back out because the crowd was watching • The Pharisees are taking a beating but they cannot walk away • Power is ADDICTIVE • The Pharisees were never even questioned • We all want to take the Word of God and bend and shape it into something more palatable to us • Jesus got them to admit in the court of public opinion that David's Son would be the LORD. I.e., he would be a MAN! • The Pharisees hated Jesus because he was who he said he was • Our goal should be to be ready for judgement • NEVER get into a logic-spiritual debate with God. It will not end well.

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