Apr 05, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



Every day we deal with adversity. That is true for everyone. It is especially true for believers. The prince of this world brings all his weapons to bear on us. How do we stand up. David dealt with more adversity than most of us will ever know. In this Psalm he teaches how to deal with and overcome adversity.

Also Discussed…

• Sometimes we pray and it doesn't seem that God is listening
• Who would you be if everything in your life had been easy? 
• Through adversity the Lord helps us grow
• David often found himself in distress 
• When you are in distress and calling out to the Lord, remind yourself of all the times the Lord came through and delivered you 
• David's reputation and good name were being sullied by his foes. How did he deal with it? He took it to the Lord , the only one who could vindicate him. 
• David was himself a "type" of Christ. 
• If you want to be able to teach, teach yourself first. If you cannot teach it to yourself and explain it to yourself, then you can't explain it to others. 
• Part of the definition of wholly is "set apart." The Lord has set us apart for him. We are his. 
• When angry it is best to remain silent. Leave justice to the Lord. 
• I need to prayerfully ponder more and talk less. 
• For the believer, pondering means contemplating while shining the light of God's word upon it. 
• As we put David's words into practice in our own life, our blood pressure drops and our stress level decreases. 
• The truth and the wisdom that our Lord provides through his word is the light that guides our walk of faith. 
• There is nothing that this life in this world provides that can match the joy that comes from the blessings of our Lord. 
• When you were down and you need the Lord to shine the light of his truth upon you, remind yourself whose you are. You are his. You have been set apart by him. He will take care of you. 

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