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Decoding the Headlines - Daily Decode - April 8, 2022
Apr 08, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



In today's Daily Decode: When it comes to the Federal Reserve and any actions they take, "Any Way You Look At It, You Lose;" If you are going to report, support; Is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the World; False Hope in Hunter's Laptop.

Resources Referenced

MarketWatch OPINION: It’s now clear that the Federal Reserve has made a huge monetary-policy error

Natural News - PLANNED STARVATION: Grain deliveries by rail to be partially HALTED, devastating dairy herds and meat operations nationwide

Dr. Mercola - World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies

ZeroHedge - 450GB Of 'Deleted' Hunter Biden Laptop Material To Be Released Within Weeks

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