Mar 28, 2022

Decoding the Deception

Peeling back the layers of lies because the time is short



He did not come to received men's praise and adulation. Neither did he come to conquer and rule. Jesus came to serve. These verses today teach us what that means to Jesus and what he was about. They also help us apply these truths to ourselves as we seek to be like him.

Also discussed:

• The theology of the cross and the theology of glory 
• Take the word and apply it to yourself before you apply it to others 
• We want to skip over service and sacrifice and go right to glory 
• All too often the disciples had no clue what they were saying   
• Jesus never forgets that he was the servant. He never forgets that, even though he was equal to the Father, he was subject to the Father. 
• Only the Father knows who will sit at Jesus' right and his left in paradise 
• Jesus does not deal with us as our sins deserve. He is all about mercy and compassion. 
• The Lord would have us operate in a paradigm that is all about service and sacrifice.
• There is no "must" in a Gospel Imperative. We are moved by grace and mercy to do willingly the things the Lord would have do. 
• The ESV and the NIV frequently insert "must" where there is no grammatical justification. 
• Only the Gospel motivates. The Law motivates no one. 

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